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  • Short description of the Marshall Islands jurisdiction

    The Marshall Islands is an independent country located in the Pacific Ocean and is part of Micronesia. During their history, the islands were included in the Spanish and German empires. In the 20th century, it was occupied by Japan and the US and finally gained independence in 1979. Today, it is an associated state of the US, famous for its offshore financial services and maritime registry.

    The country is a democracy and is ruled by a parliament and a president. English is the country’s official language, and the island is politically very stable. This has helped the island country position itself as the premier location for offshore and maritime registrations.

    The Marshall Islands offshore financial centre is hugely popular for its offshore companies. The high quality of its corporate services is due to the efficiency of the International Registries, the Registrar of Companies in the Marshall Islands.

  • Taxation in the Marshall Islands

    The Marshall Islands is a classic offshore tax haven where no tax is levied on offshore profits, including passive income. IBC companies incorporated by the Marshall Islands Company Registry are deemed to be non-resident companies.

    Companies that do not derive income in the Marshall Islands are not required to file annual tax returns or audited financial statements.

    There is no corporate profit tax, capital gains tax, withholding tax on royalties, interest and dividends or stamp duty for Marshall Islands companies that do not profit from business in the Marshall Islands.

    The official currency of the Marshall Islands is the United States dollar (USD).

    There are also no currency exchange controls in the Marshall Islands.

    Currency United States Dollar (US$)
    Corporate tax 0%
    Withholding tax 0%
    Capital gains tax 0%
    VAT 0%
    Currency Control No
  • Marshall Islands legislation

    The Marshall Islands’ laws are based on common law.

    The court of final appeal is the Supreme Court of the Marshall Islands.

    Marshall Islands company law is largely based on the US model, in particular, Delaware corporate legislation. It should be noted, however, that the US model has been modified to make it even more flexible and adaptable to classic IBC offshore companies.

    It is notable that the Marshall Islands Maritime Registry is the second largest registry in the world. That is why a Marshall Islands company can be very useful for registering a vessel in the Marshall Islands. Moreover, the special registration regime allows foreign corporations to be registered as Foreign Maritime Entities (FMEs) to hold the vessel under the Marshall Islands flag.

    The following laws provide for the existence of offshore companies in the Marshall Islands:

    • RMI Associations Law, 1990;
    • Economic Substance Regulations, 2018.
  • Why choose the Marshall Islands?

    The Marshall Islands offshore company is one of the best choices for those looking for a classic, stable, zero-tax jurisdiction. The flexible company laws, modern and efficient Marshall Islands registry of companies and relatively remote location have made this jurisdiction very popular over the past decade.

    One of the features of the Marshall Islands is that the registrar’s offices are located in more than 20 jurisdictions around the world. This flexibility is especially useful when a company registration is urgently required.

    Marshall Islands company formation is a perfect choice for yacht and ship registrations due to the country having the second largest ship registry in the world and its high quality and efficient Registrar of Companies. Marshall Islands companies are also widely used as standard asset holding limited liability companies with closed registers of directors and shareholders. The jurisdiction is highly compliant with global AML/CFT standards as well as beneficial ownership and substance regulations. The high level of compliance of this type of company makes it easier to open a bank account for such a company.

    It is also possible to acquire a ready-made shelf company. Please contact Astra Trust to obtain the current list of companies in the Marshall Islands.

    The following types of entities are available for incorporation in the Marshall Islands:

    • International Business Company (IBC)
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Limited Partnership (LP)
    • Foreign Maritime Entity (FME)

    Astra Trust can incorporate any of these entities in the Marshall Islands.

    Companies incorporated in the Marshall Islands are a good choice, inter alia, for the following types of activities:

    1. Asset holding
    2. Yacht ownership
    3. Tax planning
    4. International trade and e-commerce
    5. Holding patents and trademarks
    6. Holding vessels
  • Process of Marshall Islands offshore company formation

    Stage 1 Contact us for more information and quotes. We answer within three hours!

    Stage 2 Fill in a form, provide us with the required documents and make a payment.

    Stage 3 Receive the scanned incorporation documents within two days, and hard copies by courier up to seven days.

  • Required documents for Marshall Islands company incorporation

    The following CDD documents are required for Marshall Islands company registration:

      1. Certified copy of passport for all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners
      2. Certified proof of address for all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners
      3. KYC form provided by your personal manager in Astra Trust
  • Documents and services you receive

    The costs of incorporation include services for the following:

    1. Company name search in the Register of companies for availability
    2. Revision of KYC and CDD documents
    3. Drafting of activation corporate documents on incorporation of the company
    4. Registered office services for 1 year
    5. Registered agent services for 1 year
    6. Full administrative support 24/7 from your personal manager in Astra Trust

    After offshore company formation you receive the following incorporation documents:

    1. Certificate of Incorporation issued by the registrar of companies
    2. Memorandum of Association stamped by the registrar of companies
    3. Articles of Incorporation stamped by registrar of companies
    4. Resolution of appointment of first directors
    5. Register of directors
    6. Register of shareholders
    7. Register of beneficial owners
    8. Minutes of first meeting of directors
    9. Share Certificate for each shareholder
  • Company name in the Marshall Islands

    Under the Associations Law of the Marshall Islands, the company’s name shall end with the following words:

    • “Limited”;
    • “Corporation”;
    • “Incorporated”.

    Alternatively, the abbreviations “Ltd.”, “Corp.” or “Inc.” may be used.

    The law also allows, instead of the abovementioned required words, any words, abbreviations, suffixes or prefixes that will clearly indicate that it is a corporation, as distinguished from a natural person or a partnership.

  • Shareholders and board of directors of a Marshall Islands company

    A Marshall Islands IBC must at all times have at least one director and one shareholder as stipulated by the Associations Law.

    There are no restrictions on board meetings being held anywhere in the world. The appointment of a company secretary is optional.

    There is also no restriction on the residency or nationality of the directors and shareholders. Corporate directors and shareholders are allowed.

    Nominee services are allowed to be used for an IBC company of the Marshall Islands. Astra Trust can provide nominee services and assist with all corporate matters to ensure your company complies with all legal requirements of Marshall Islands law.

  • Share capital of a Marshall Islands company

    The share capital of a Marshall Islands offshore company can be of any value and currency as stipulated in the company’s Memorandum of Association.

    The standard authorised share capital of the company limited by shares is usually USD 50,000, with a denomination of USD 1 per share. The shares may be no par value if required.

    The issued share capital to shareholders can be of any amount, starting from 1 share and up to all 50,000 shares.

    Issuance of both registered and bearer shares is allowed in the Marshall Islands. Bearer shares must be held with the special licensed custodian.

  • Privacy of a Marshall Islands offshore company

    The Marshall Islands is considered a highly confidential jurisdiction.

    A Marshall Islands company’s information on registers of directors, shareholders and beneficial owners is not available to the public.

    Corporate registers are kept at the company’s registered office and maintained by the International Registries of the Marshall Islands.

    Information about the company may only be disclosed to the authorities of other countries and only upon official legal request from such authorities. Information about directors and shareholders is not disclosed in company searches.

    The privacy of an IBC company can be further enhanced by the appointment of nominee services, which are available in this jurisdiction.

  • Economic substance requirements in the Marshall Islands

    Companies in the Marshall Islands are subject to economic substance requirements.

    Under the Economic Substance Regulations of 2018, Marshall Islands IBCs carrying on one or more relevant activities must have economic substance in the Republic in relation to that relevant activity in each financial period in which income was derived from such activity.

    The relevant activities are defined by the law as the following types of activities:

    1. distribution and service centre business;
    2. financing and leasing business;
    3. fund management business;
    4. headquarters business;
    5. holding company business;
    6. intellectual property business;
    7. shipping business;
    8. banking business; and
    9. insurance business.

    All companies not engaged in any of the abovementioned activities are not relevant entities and do not fall under the scope of the economic substance requirements.

    For Pure Equity Holding Companies (PEHCs) that only hold equity participations and only earn dividends and capital gains, only the minimum requirements apply, and generally, there will be no need to demonstrate sophisticated economic substance in the Marshall Islands.

  • Reporting requirements in the Marshall Islands

    There are no reporting requirements for offshore IBCs that do not carry out activities in the territory of the Marshall Islands.

    If you are looking for a trust company in the Marshall Islands, please do not hesitate to contact Astra Trust for a free consultation.

Key Features

    General Information

  • Jurisdiction - Independent nation
  • Entity type - IBC
  • Corporate Tax - 0%
  • VAT - 0%
  • Currency - USD
  • Currency Exchange Control - No
  • Legal framework - Common Law
  • Recognition of Trust - Recognised
  • Court of final appeal - the Supreme Court of Marshall Islands
  • Business Activity Restrictions

  • Business Activity Restrictions - No. Subject to standard licensed types of activities.
  • Economic Substance Requirements - Applicable
  • Requirements to Directors

  • Register of Directors - Publicly not accessible. Stored in Registrar.
  • Minimum Number of Directors - 1
  • Corporate Director - Available
  • Local director - Not required
  • Nominee Director - Available
  • Requirements to Secretary

  • Secretary - Not required. Optional.
  • Requirements to Shareholders

  • Register of Shareholders - Publicly not accessible. Stored in Registrar.
  • Minimum Number of Shareholders - 1
  • Corporate Shareholder - Available
  • Annual General Meeting - Not required
  • Location of Meetings - Anywhere in the World
  • Nominee Shareholder - Available
  • Share capital

  • Minimum Authorized Share Capital - USD 1
  • Standard Authorized Share Capital - USD 50,000
  • Minimum Issued Share Capital - USD 1
  • Currency of Share Capital - USD or any other
  • Reporting Requirements

  • Preparation of Accounts - Not required
  • Filing of Annual Return – Not required
  • Publicity of Annual Return - Not public
  • Audited Accounts – Not required
  • Other features

  • Redomiciliation to/from Jurisdiction - Permitted
  • Shelf companies - Available

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