Transfer your company to Astra Trust

Why to change agent?

If you are thinking about to change your current registered agent due to some reasons, you can transfer your company under the administration of Astra Trust. There might be a number of reasons for the transfer. The main one is usually lack of satisfaction with how the things are going on with your current registered agent.

Practically, changing a registered agent is a quite common corporate action. Why it happens? It could be a disappointing level of service in some cases or personal miscommunication between a client and an agent. Amongst the most frequent reasons businesses switch a registered agent are:

  • Lack of contact

While some registered agents are always supportive and ready to provide their clients with 24/7 support in their business, others might revert to your emails once a week.

  • Limited range of services

Some corporate services providers may propose their clients a variety of corporate service solutions, such as company formation, nominee services from variety of jurisdictions, registration of private foundations and formation of trusts, tax and legal consulting and so on. However, the lion’s share of registered agents follows very narrow path in provisions of their services, which in some cases may result in lack of variety of services that can be proposed to the clients.

  • Hidden and unexpected fees

Some of the agents practice to advertise misleading information regarding the costs of their services. This happens when the service provider strives to make the price more marketable and to win a client. Later those clients might find out about additional expenses on which their agent was silent at the beginning of the cooperation.

  • Inflexibility

We know that running business in a modern world make it challenging for our clients to provide all necessary documents and information at once. If some corporate providers are patient and ready to put themselves into the client’s shoes, others are not flexible enough. This may result in the lack of communication and additional expenses such as penalties, extra fees, etc.

How is the transfer procedure looks like?

The first good thing is that you can transfer your offshore company anytime and without any particular reason, you are free to choose the service provider by yourself. The second thing is that a transfer process to us is fairly quick, the whole process shall not take more than a few days after collection of all the documents. Two main factors, which can significantly influence on the length of a transfer process are:

  • Completing all formalities with a previous or outgoing service provider; and
  • Your readiness as a new client to provide us with information and documents to finalize a transfer.

The process of switching your offshore company to us has 4 simple steps:

  1. Paying all debts to your outgoing provider

All fees and expenses with your previous service provider occurred before the transfer date and which were not be duly paid by you shall be paid. Note, that without doing that it is not possible to move towards the next step. There are, however, certain exclusions to this rule is some of the jurisdictions. Please contact us in advance to get more information.

  1. Compliance formalities

Before transferring your entity to our administration we need to know basic information about your business – it is a standard procedure and we do not ask more that it is needed.

Depending on the legal requirements of jurisdiction of your company additional audit and/or accountancy report might be required (for companies which must prepare audited accounts, etc.).

  1. Preparation of all transfer documents

Usually this step includes drafting all necessary corporate documents to facilitate a transfer. This stage mainly involves interaction between us and your outgoing service provider

  1. Finalization of the onboarding process

As soon as all formalities are done we are ready to welcome you as our client. You will be assigned with your personal manager so that we can remain in contact 24/7.

We understand that during a transferring process you may face certain difficulties, but be sure that Astra Trust is ready to assist without any extra fees and make this process comfortable and smooth for you.

Advantages of being with Astra Trust

Transferring your company to us gives you the following privileges:

  • Client support (24/7) – we are here when you need us
  • Wide range of additional services
  • Discount and loyalty programs for our clients
  • Access to the team of professionals in offshore industry

What are the transfer costs?

The only fees you pay for a transfer are government fees, that must be paid in your company’s jurisdiction. Astra Trust does not take any service fees for transferring your company to us.

Contact our specialist to start a transfer process now!