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  • Short description of the Anguilla jurisdiction

    Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory and a widely known offshore financial centre located in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands.

    The British monarch is the head of state, although the country is ruled by the local House of Assembly. The country is a parliamentary dependency and is part of the Commonwealth of Nations and an associated member of CARICOM.

    Anguilla is renowned for its captive insurance and thriving financial industry, which has grown substantially in the recent past. The Anguilla offshore financial centre is underpinned by its zero-tax environment, strong reputation for British dependency and developed financial infrastructure. There are many trust companies operating on the island to provide first-class services to their clients.

  • Taxation in Anguilla

    Anguilla is a classic zero-tax jurisdiction with no direct taxation of any kind on corporations. This means that the effective rate of 0% is applicable to corporate income tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax and other taxes. Instead of these, an International Business Company (IBC) pays annual government fees through its registered agent.

    Since there are no taxes in Anguilla, no reporting is required. Therefore, Anguilla company formation is the best way to reduce administrative and taxation expenses.

    Anguilla has introduced a separate residence programme for individuals who can also benefit from the zero-tax regime, if they meet certain criteria.

    No value-added or sales taxes are applicable in Anguilla.

    Anguilla’s official currency is the East Caribbean dollar.

    Currency East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
    Corporate tax 0%
    Withholding tax 0%
    Capital gains tax 0%
    VAT 0%
    Exchange Controls No
  • Anguilla legislation

    The legal system, including the Anguilla Companies Act, is based on English common law and modern statutes. This provides flexibility for corporate structuring as the jurisdiction recognises trusts, and shareholder agreements can be regulated by English law.

    The court of final appeal is the Privy Council in London. Judicial precedents established in England and other common law countries can be recognised in Anguilla’s courts. Consequently, Anguilla offshore company formation offers not only the opportunity to benefit from relaxed regulation, but also the possibility of using English law for the company’s structure.

    Anguilla’s government is constantly updating its legislation. The latest update, which comprises the most modern legal provisions, took effect in 2019.

    Overall, Anguilla’s legislation regulating offshore financial services includes, inter alia, the following acts:

    • Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019;
    • International Business (Amendment) Act, 2019;
    • Limited Liability Company (Amendment) Act, 2019;
    • Limited Partnership (Amendment) Act, 2019.
  • Why choose Anguilla?

    Anguilla is one of the leading financial centres globally. As a British Overseas Territory, Anguilla is able to offer the most favourable conditions to international businesses and asset owners. One of the country’s latest achievements is the Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN), which provides facilities for the quickest incorporations and corporate filings. The ACORN executes functions of the Anguilla company registry that is now fully digitalised.

    Apart from regular international trade or asset holding, Anguilla issues offshore licences to businesses that provide money services, such as money transmission, payment instrument operations and currency exchange services. As of 2018, an Anguilla offshore company can be involved in crypto businesses with the adoption of the Anguilla Utility Token Offering Act. This act allows for the licensing of two categories of service providers involved in utility token offerings, namely the utility token offering administrator and utility token offering issuer.

    Anguilla company incorporation is suitable for those businesses that would prefer to be incorporated in a British Overseas Territory, but steer clear of the popular British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

    Astra Trust can assist with Anguilla company formation and opening a bank account for such a company.

    The following types of entities are available for incorporation in Anguilla:

    • International Business Company (IBC)
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Limited Partnership (LP)

    Companies incorporated in Anguilla may be used, inter alia, for the following purposes:

    1. Asset holding
    2. Tax planning
    3. International trade and e-commerce
    4. Captive insurance
  • Incorporation process of Anguilla company

    Stage 1 Contact us for more information and quotes. We answer within three hours!

    Stage 2 Fill in a form, provide us with the required documents and make a payment.

    Stage 3 Receive the scanned incorporation documents within two days, and hard copies by courier in up to seven days.

  • Documents required to incorporate Anguilla company

    For Anguilla company registration the following KYC documents are required:

      1. Certified copy of passport for all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners
      2. Certified proof of address for all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners
      3. KYC form provided by your personal manager in Astra Trust
  • Documents and services you receive

    The costs of company incorporation include services for the following:

    1. Company name search in the Register of companies for availability
    2. Revision of KYC and CDD documents
    3. Drafting of activation corporate documents on incorporation of the company
    4. Registered office services for 1 year
    5. Registered agent services for 1 year
    6. Full administrative support 24/7 from your personal manager in Astra Trust

    Upon company registration in Anguilla you receive the following documents:

    1. Certificate of Incorporation issued by the registrar of companies
    2. Memorandum of Association stamped by the registrar of companies
    3. Articles of Incorporation stamped by registrar of companies
    4. Resolution of appointment of first directors
    5. Register of directors
    6. Register of shareholders
    7. Register of beneficial owners
    8. Minutes of first meeting of directors
    9. Share Certificate for each shareholder
  • Company name in Anguilla

    Under the International Business Companies Act of Anguilla, the company’s name shall end with the following words:

    • “Limited”;
    • “Corporation”;
    • “Incorporated”.

    Alternatively, the abbreviations “Ltd.”, “Corp.” or “Inc.” may be used.

    The act also allows the use of foreign names in the last part of the company’s name instead of the abovementioned words. The following words or their abbreviations may be used:

    • “Sendirian Berhad” or “Sdn Bhd”;
    • “Société à Responsabilité Limitée” or “SARL”;
    • “Sociedad Anonima” or “S.A.”;
    • “Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung” or “GmbH”;
    • “Besloten Vennootschap” or “B.V.”;
    • “Naamloze Vennootschap” or “NV”.

    The proposed company name can be checked for availability by Astra Trust within 1-2 working days.

    The company name cannot suggest any connection to Her Majesty, the Royal Family, the Government or any department thereof in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. It also cannot be a name that is prohibited by the laws and regulations of Anguilla.

  • Share capital of an Anguilla company and types of companies

    In terms of share capital, there are a few types of companies that can be incorporated in Anguilla:

    • Company limited by shares
    • Company limited by guarantee
    • Company limited by shares and guarantee

    The standard authorised share capital of the company limited by shares is usually USD 50,000 or in another currency, with a denomination of USD 1 per share.

    The issued share capital to shareholders can be of any amount, starting from 1 share and up to all 50,000 shares.

    The authorised share capital can be both par value and no par value.

    Companies in Anguilla can issue different classes of shares, as defined in their Memorandum of Association.

    Bearer shares can be issued in Anguilla. They are stored with the special custodian in Anguilla that is obliged to keep the register of the owners of the shares. Bearer shares that are not being kept with the custodian are deemed to be inactive.

  • Privacy of Anguilla company

    Anguilla is considered a highly confidential jurisdiction.

    Information on registers of directors, shareholders and beneficial owners is private and not available to the public. The certificate of good standing or company search certificate does not show information about directors and members of an Anguilla IBC.

    Corporate registers are kept at the company’s registered office and maintained by the registered agent. The Financial Services Commission of Anguilla may inspect the company’s corporate registers.

    Information about the company may only be disclosed by the authorities of Anguilla to authorities of other countries and only upon official legal request from such authorities.

    Anguilla’s legislation protects the privacy of companies incorporated under its laws. The penalty for unauthorised disclosure for FSC employees is a fine of USD 10,000, imprisonment for twelve months, or both.

    The privacy of an Anguilla offshore company can be further enhanced by the appointment of a director and nominee shareholder. Astra Trust can provide directorship and nominee services upon request.

  • Economic substance requirements in Anguilla

    An International Business Company in Anguilla is subject to economic substance requirements. This means that the company must file economic substance returns with the Registrar of Companies for each relevant financial year on an annual basis.

    Where a company is engaged in a relevant activity, it must ensure that it has an adequate presence on the island, employs a number of employees and is managed in Anguilla.

    Relevant activities include:

    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Fund management
    • Financing and leasing
    • Distribution and service centre
    • Shipping
    • Intellectual property business
    • Headquarters
    • Holding company

    The economic substance requirements for offshore Anguilla holding companies are much less restrictive, with only partial application of the original substance requirements.

  • Reporting requirements in Anguilla

    For offshore companies that do not conduct business activities in Anguilla, there is no legal requirement to file accounts and tax returns in Anguilla.

Key Features

    General Information

  • Jurisdiction - British Overseas Territory
  • Entity type - IBC
  • Corporate Tax - 0%
  • VAT -0%
  • Currency - XCD and USD
  • Currency Exchange Control - No
  • Legal framework - Common Law
  • Recognition of Trust - Recognised
  • Court of final appeal - The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC)
  • Business Activity Restrictions

  • Business Activity Restrictions - No. Subject to standard licensed types of activities.
  • Economic Substance Requirements - Applicable
  • Requirements to Directors

  • Register of Directors - Publicly not accessible. Stored in Registered Office
  • Minimum Number of Directors - 1
  • Corporate Director - Available
  • Local director - Not required
  • Nominee Director - Available
  • Requirements to Secretary

  • Secretary - Not required. Optional.
  • Requirements to Shareholders

  • Register of Shareholders - Publicly not accessible. Stored in Registered Office
  • Minimum Number of Shareholders - 1
  • Corporate Shareholder - Available
  • Annual General Meeting - Not required
  • Location of Meetings - Anywhere in the World
  • Nominee Shareholder - Available
  • Share capital

  • Minimum Authorized Share Capital - USD 1
  • Standard Authorized Share Capital - USD 50,000
  • Minimum Issued Share Capital - USD 1
  • Currency of Share Capital - USD or any other
  • Reporting Requirements

  • Preparation of Accounts - Not required
  • Filing of Annual Return – Not required
  • Publicity of Annual Return - Not public
  • Audited Accounts – Not required
  • Other features

  • Redomiciliation to/from Jurisdiction - Permitted
  • Shelf companies - Available

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