Offshore Company Formation Services

Astra Trust helps its clients in incorporation, maintaining and management of offshore companies in various jurisdictions. For almost a decade we provide our clients with excellent corporate and trust services, using extensive experience in this field to the advantage of our clients.

The offshore company registration is a big step for your business. You also might setup offshore company for the wealth planning or asset protection reasons. There might be various causes to incorporate offshore. Nevertheless, it is always important to bear in mind that although tax haven vehicles may provide immense benefits to its holder, the wrong use of this powerful instrument may cause harm, often not only reputational.

That is why, it is crucial to choose experienced and qualified service provider you can trust. Our goal is always to provide the best possible offshore company formation service to our clients.

The benefits of offshore incorporation

There is a variety of benefits that indeed worth to setup an offshore company. Same as an onshore company from typical European jurisdiction, it provides its shareholders with the limited liability. However, there is much more to offer, and from one offshore jurisdiction to another, there could be such benefits of offshore incorporation as:

  • No taxation, or taxation on a very low rates;
  • No tax reporting requirements;
  • Legislative privacy provisions;
  • Asset protection and wealth planning legislative provisions;
  • Corporate flexibility;
  • Access to the offshore banking;
  • Fast company registration; and
  • Access to complex multinational structuring; and many others.

Of course this list can be extended. In Astra Trust, we believe that the main benefit of setting up offshore is the global exposure to which you gain access after you register your offshore company, or indeed, any other offshore vehicle.

Offshore jurisdictions’ company law

The offshore company legislation is the main cornerstone that predetermine whether you should setup offshore or choose one jurisdiction over another. Not all the companies are suitable for all purposes.  The vast majority of the company legislations offshore are based on the United Kingdom statutory model, particularly the English Companies Act 1948. This mean that company legislations of such offshore jurisdictions as the popular BVI, Asian Singapore, or, rather exotic Turks and Caicos are all derived from the UK limited company model. However, do not assume that the offshore company formation is similar to the one of the modern UK companies.

Offshore company and bank account

More often than not, our clients’ needs imply necessity to open corporate bank account offshore. In such cases incorporation of offshore company and bank account opening always go hand in hand. The jurisdiction, the banking institution and nominee services should be picked wisely to satisfy requirements of the modern banks which, indeed, are many.

It is worth to mention that the process of formation of offshore company with bank account has undergone great changes over the last decade.  It is not possible anymore simply to purchase ready-made shelf company with opened bank account and start operate immediately. Modern due diligence requirements are the primary issue nowadays to open a suitable bank account.  As those requirements becoming stricter each year, the more requirements are being imposed on the corporate structures of the offshore companies.

Costs of offshore company incorporation

When you decided to go offshore, it is always important, that the benefits of the established structure outweigh the costs of it’s maintenance. It is true, that the offshore company formation services are not the cheapest services you might ever order. However, a lot of offshore financial centers compete in this market for your choice, and therefore there are different price niches when it comes to the offshore business setup.  In reality, the costs vary from the popular Belize or Seychelles, to more esteemed Cayman, Bermudian or Jersey companies. The offshore registration in Europe is often more expensive, but reputable European banks would definitely be more favorable to such companies.

While deciding where to open the offshore company it is vital to take into consideration not only the company formation costs, but also costs for the nominee services, accounting and audit where applicable, and other legal and administrative costs. In Astra Trust we strive to help you keep your spending for administrative services as low as it is possible by offering different discounts and package proposals.

Offshore company registration process

When it comes to companies, the offshore registration process is fast, convenient and flexible. In the common law offshore financial centers the incorporation process itself usually takes place within the same day when registered agent will submit the application to the registrar of companies. This means that you would be able to receive the documents of your brand new offshore corporation really quickly in most of the cases.

Nevertheless, the registration itself is only a part of the company setup process. Another part which is preliminary, is the customer due diligence process. During this stage it is required to provide certified documents for each director, shareholder and the beneficial owner of the future company. The required information will also contain such questions as what is the business activity of the company, what is the geography of business.

With Astra Trust the whole incorporation process will look as follows:

  • Contact us with the initial request;
  • We help you to choose jurisdiction if it’s not yet decided;
  • You provide us with the requested documents and forms;
  • We proceed with the company registration;
  • You receive your new company documents.

Do not hesitate to contact us right now should you have any questions or queries regarding the offshore company formation.